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I had long had a fantasy of my girlfriend having sex with other men. My girlfriend is a stunning 27-year -old leggy brunette, very interesting and nice big tits. At the beginning of our relationship, deceived me, though convinced me it was nothing more than a few drunken kisses with this type knew her. I knew something was going on between them, but instead of anger, I fantasize about it. Finally, I learned that they were in the club itself, and I waited on the way home to access their spies, and safe, such as hell, she was with him (he lived in the opposite direction) to your home. Unfortunately, it has I saw, and I had to meet, and ends the relationship. Many nights there, I'd allover40 't been seen since he ' s hadn m sure there would be screwed if you had 't already. This was the beginning of our relationship. 8 years later and we're still together. I have the time, because one eye watchman kept on them, butis lost, or missing or kept well hidden. The two are in love, and life of our s sex is good, if not spectacular. I ' d suspected - a couple of times I had seen articles of clothing with suspicious spots - but nothing conclusive. Sometimes, her pussy, which is very close - it was a virgin when I met her and I 'only medium size, m - seemed more relaxed when you had sex, but once again, no real s tests. Finally I decided to build. I posted an ad on a website, requires that allover40 someone will seduce you, no know that had nothing to do with me. If you are tempted, he either photos, videos, or call me so I could n at least it is there. Finally, he had to leave their own 'proof ' After many applications -. My girlfriend is attractive, and annoying enough, so it had to be the right man - I found two that may be worth a try, then. I contacted them. The first was 23-year -old, white, handsome, with a decent allover40 education. The second is a black kind. Re pleasant and very allover40 athletic. had 28 years in the space of a couple of weeks while waiting for the time and situation, I told the kids things upon them, what they wanted, as if you were talking to her, etc. The first single. I had to do a job, type s had his bar in the same allover40 way. I opted for the first white man. On the night out was looking hot - high heels, tight skirt knee-length black and tight black top. I would have expected her home around 11, 11 30 s so if you have 12, and there was no sign of her, my cock sprang to life. When the phone rang a few minutes later, allover40 my ​​heart stops beating. I replied, and allover40 he was there. I could hear muffled movements, but the sounds were sexual in any case, . In a moment I thought I could hear how she is the head, but it was hard to say. Soon, the rhythmic sound of a mattress is running, however, and there was no doubt that the conviction. That ' s not stronger allover40 in the n bed, and I ' m notsure if it was because they only heard a few muffled moans from her, but it was still incredibly erotic. When he came home a little after one, I 've slept. They entered, and undressed quickly and folded underwear and puts it in the laundry basket. He put some clothes at night, and was n to go to the bathroom. If I knew she was out of earshot, I saw by their dress. Its superior stank, according afershave. that s panties were drenched last. And the bra. Apparently, they had sex on the left, because in all glory, where n is 3 thick sperm shooting badges. It ' sa weeks allover40 after the event, and there has been no recurrence. The man thanked him and told my girlfriend was great. asked in a replay, and no doubt will consider it, but now there are other ways to deal with. A second meeting is powered by the week, so ' m hoping part 2 of this story!
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